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Clutch Aligning

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I have a 1995 Formula Z 583. i decided buy a new belt and it seems to be too short, htere was a dayco belt on it and i bought a belt from napa. they said it was the right one. now either someoen has moved my motor forward for the dayco to work on the one i got is wrong, i figure i might as well chck my clutches to see if they are set up properly. does anyone have diagrams that show how to do it and what bar i need to do it. i need to do this so i can either tell napa the belt i got is wrong, i dont know if it makes sence to anyone but i think the motor has been moved forward. anyones help is greatlyh appreciated. the belt i got is a gates, so if anyone knows the number im suposed to have i beleive the number is 38 4340 but i am not sure
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I would run OEM and if my memory serves me right the ski-doo part number is 414860700, these are good belts and last a long time once belt deflection is adj....

I'm not sure about gates, but have had other aftermarket belts, the right part numbers and everything be too short. For example I bought two carlisle belts for the same sled, one runs perfectly, the other is too short and kills the motor when warm.
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