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Clutch pitch out?

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I have a 94 Wildcat 700EFI. At about 90-95 mph, it seems like the drive clutch pops open. I lose power, and it sounds like the belt flops around until I get down to about 30 mph. Then it seems to pop back in an then I can take off again...

Anybody have any Idea what's going on?
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someone help me out with this...
Well boo, I don't think the dr. cl. is poping open, but I do think the driven cl. is poping open. Remove the driven cl. and before you take it apart check to make sure that the spring tabs are in there holes. If they are buy a new driven cl. spring. Its the cheapest way to go.

I changed the spring, however I compared the tension and the preload on both, and everything seems to be the same. Darn it, even in Montreal there is no frickin" snow... can't test drive it.
I'm not convinced that  this will solve the problem. Could it be a problem in the primary? Maybe there are too  many shims in the drive therefore not closing enough.

Anybody care to pass on their comments?
I had a 94 700efi. Those sleds made a whole bunch of torque and vibration!
Take both the drive and driven apart and clean, clean, clean!(You can do this with
simple tools and a torque wrench.)
Use contact cleaner, break cleaner or electric parts cleaner.
In addition look at the buttons and rollers on your drive clutch.

Your problem simply sounds like you have wore out componets.
Replace your springs in both if they are original. You may also want to think about
replacing your helix and weights if they are also original.
These are common wear items that can be the cause of almost all drivebility
(Just my 2 cents)
the fingers or ramps were changed on the primary... at least that's what my dealer says he changed. He said one was broken but changed the three...I don't think he changed the weights or rollers...

Would you agree that it's definitely not in the crankcase?

BTW, how would you adjust the idle on an EFI? is it done electronically theu the brain or is it mechanically done through the adjustments on the throttle body?

what should I be idling at ? i'm idling ar 2200 rpm
It sounds to me like your problem is in the clutching as well.  Hard to diagnos without actualy riding/feeling it, but I think the previous post is a good place to start by replacing springs and going through all your clutches to look for signs of wear and tear.  Is the belt good also?
As far as adjusting the idle on an efi, I am not very formiliar with the way the efi is set up as far as making adjustments to it for idle.  I would guess you should be able to change the idle on the throttle body some how as the efi is mainly for your jetting, "I think".....

Any efi experts out there??
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I spoke to him again about the clutch pitch out problem and he told me that the threads may be stripped on my outer clutch plate... at least I think that's what he said... i'll have to check it out. My idle? I should be idling at 1400 he says...thinks I have a ripped Boot...

thanks for the G2 on these problems, guys...
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