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Clutching a mach z '98

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Sled is stock except for V-force and 1.25 track

286 ramp
stock grams pin
gear 27/43
primary spring stock
secondary spring beige , preload 15-16 lbs

with this setup rpm show 8500 for the first 80 mph then start to slow down to 7900 at WOT for 100 mph.

with a primary spring ( 200 /320 ) the sled is revier but could use more load. At WOT the rpm still slow down to 8000 rpm

back to the stock primary spring , replaced the 50/47 helix for a 50/40 helix. Rpm is now 8200 ( maybe snow condition ) and rpm show 8500 at WOT but i still cant go faster , barely 100 mph on speedo.

Also, if i run in fresh deep snow a bit ... sled dont back shift very well. way too much load !

Now im lost ... i want an aggressive trail setup and get 110 mph if possible! im 150 lbs

Thanks for any input ..
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HEY KAWABOGA I had the same problem on my 98 mach z for one I would put your other helix back in set your secondary to 18.5 pounds which is A6 and try putting 2- 3 sizes bigger jets (richer) and if that works but your mid isn't as crisp then drop your needles .what mine was dooing on the top end was starving of fuel, so thats what I did, I went 5 sizes (richer)and it gave me back my constant r.p.m but it was a bit weaker in between so I dropped my needles and cleaned up my mid range and I can pull 100m.p.h with a 151x2"

Look under mach z trubbles again in this same forum and read some of the suggestions I got!!

Hope this helps!
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