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Clutching An Indy 500

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Low end bog how to fix ? (i think it is the clutching)? I got a used clutch and i am not sure if it is tuned for a 500 or not. Any HELP!!!! I would like to make it a liitle faster than stock if possible.
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why did you change ur original clutch?
Got it as a project no clutch.
i suggest you get the original breakdown for your clutch that belongs on that sled
I would start by replacing the spring, stock is silver. well you are at it the secondary should be replaced as well if it hasn't been replaced lately. (Stock Red) A soft primary spring would cause the clutch to shift too hard and overload the motor resulting in a bog. I would also go through your carbs if you haven't already make sure they are clean and working properly. I think weights are 10M, check
for part info.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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