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got back from cochrane a little bit ago. had a great time. ran into trailblazer and good to see him again. got 6oo mi. in 4 days. thur. was high -4f,fri 17f,sat 32f, and sun 35 f. had a couple inches on the ground when we left this morning and was coming down pretty good. they'll be riding for awhile up there. by weeks end calling for -12c. the a105q towards quebec was superb sunday.
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Yes Jake and Sherry, it was good to see you two again and also to meet your friends.

Glad you made it home without any incidents.

Our riding was great until Cody's sled bit the dust again.

I haven't even unloaded the sleds yet.

Pretty discouraged right now. I'm liable to park it on the railway tracks. LOL

My friends said the ride out to the fire tower was great on Saturday morning.

Looking at their pics, it looks like the view is fantastic.

They were impressed.

Oh well, maybe we'll have better luck with his sled next year.

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ahh the FIRE TOWER thats is one great spot to go at the end of the day to watch the sun go down. i,ve been there 2 times. havnt been in 2 yrs :( that is my favorite area for riding. :wink:
another break down Jeff?
Great to hear there's still some riding to be found!
Sound great! :) I beat ya though: 662.5 miles in 2 days. :D
Yea, Freezie.

My Son burnt a hole in the other piston this time. Indicative of a lean burn.
The sled is jetted fairly rich. We installed a new oil pump just to play it safe when we did the 2nd rebuild. We also installed new VForce3 reeds at the start of the season rebuild.
When we did the 2nd rebuild after the cold seize, the rubbers were already showing signs of deteriation but still looked okay. (Useable) You would think that you could get more than a half season out of something that they can charge so much money for. We haven't pulled it apart yet so I'm not even sure if that was a contributing factor here. None of it makes any sense. To say I'm extremely frustrated and discouraged would be a huge understatement.

ya we caught the trail to the fire tower thursday afternoon freshly groomed.we were the first ones on it and was already set up. doesn't get any better than that.ya thats weird jeff. i was thinking about it after we talked and what i'd do is do a pressure test on each side.before you tear it down.i'd be thinking crank seals.
Yes Jake, I was thinking about the pressure test as well.
I did spray ether around the crank case seals before we went to MikeD's cottage and it was fine then. But things change so I'm not eliminating anything.

Thanks for the advice.
Keep it coming guys.

hey how much snow is up there??? its not looking very good in my area any more. 17C today!
hey how much snow is up there??? its not looking very good in my area any more. 17C today![/b]
there was 3ft give or take.with cold temps towards weekend. they were showing -12c. on the way home monday seemed like from timmins south was getting rain and trails were spotty and brown. timmins north was all snow.
If the snow didn't pan out where we where we talked about driving your way. Sounds like you had a great time but we need some pics :thumbsup:
just got them.


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more and more to come later.


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72 degrees here today.. It's over... Looks like you guys had a blast!... I hope we can make it next year.
72 degrees here today.. It's over... Looks like you guys had a blast!... I hope we can make it next year.[/b]
save your pennies lol
Looks awsome Jake. I was surprised to see the Viper and not both Vectors. I am with Tic, hopefully next time you guy, I can make it up!
ok greg
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