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Crankshaft Indexing (Continued)
6.  Bend the pointer or move the degree wheel until the pointer aligns with the 180 or 120' mark on the degree wheel.
7.  With the pointer aligned, make sure the degree wheel and pointer are secured and will not move out of position. Re-check accuracy of this location by repeating steps 4. and 5. . The pointer should align with the 180 or 1200 mark when the dial indicator reads. 1 00" (2.54mm) ATDC.
IMPORTANT- Do not move the degree wheel or pointer after the initial setting on the mag end cylinder - simply read the wheel and dial indicator.
Remove the dial indicator and install in cylinder #2 or center cylinder. Repeat steps 4. and 5. Note the degree wheel indication when the dial indicator reads.100"ATDC. lt should be l8O or l2Oo:)t2")from cylinder#l. Repeat procedure on PTO cylinder (#3) where applicable. Cylinder #3 should also be 120":)i- 2") from cylinder #1.
Symptoms of an out of index crankshaft can include:
Difficulty calibrating carburetor (repetitive plug fouling on one cylinder with no other cause);
0    Unexplained piston failure on one cylinder (i.e. severe detonation, broken ring lands, piston holing); 0    Excessive vibration of engine, backfiring, etc.;
0    Rough idle, poor top speed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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