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This is what ive heard correct me if im wrong. But to balance your crankshaft you have to weigh the Recipicating mass. wich is piston/bearing/pin/ and the top half of your connecting rod right? and then weight the rest of your crankshaft including the other half of the connecting rod , which is the rotating mass.
if we find out that a new piston is lighter. then we find the mass diff, and do we do a 50% of that wieght and take it off the countermass? or do you take all the diff of the wieght lost from the piston and take it off the countermass.?

these are a few questions id like answered .. why do pple talk about 50% of the recipricating mass. also if something else where to be light such as the connecting rode. such as a titanium connecting rod. how would that go about ? because not both recipricating mass and rotating mass is lightened.

any answers would be greatly appreciated
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