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Custom Vintage Sleds Lets See Them!

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Custom Vintage Sleds Lets See Them! Modified, Restored Whatever lets see them!
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wait till this summer an ill post mine, im doing a restore
sweet cant wait. i myself am also doing a restoration/upgrade to my '77 el tigre 4000
Hey Dimetera checked out "Betsy" on your site and I guess we have something in common.....
This old girl is a `74 super brute that started life as a 440 and when I got it it was still in there but my young lad fell in love with the sled and it was a little more than he could handle at 13 so the 440 was swapped for a 377 ski-doo engine, it is running a suspension and track from a polaris colt and a donor gas tank from a 4500 citation and a seat from a safari . we call it frankenbrute but my son just calls it fun !! I also just made a deal on 2 more super brutes , a`74 340 and a `74 295 which has a 440 in it but is going to be a parts sled for the frankenbrute and the 340....I`m not sure how to post pics but I`ll try....


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lucky you i wish i could come across another super brute i just dropped the rear suspension in mine it is currently on its deathbed unless i find some sort of suspension for it and it sucks because i just dropped the original SACHS 440 fan cooled engine in it. she ran just great till the rear end dropped out i guess thats what happens when things rust up.
here`s the 340 alouette super brute and the 295 super brute that I acquired recently


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you plan on parting any of those sleds after you take it for parts ? i could use a new tunnel and belly pan
I`d kind of like to hang on to it but give me a few days and I`ll try to track down that other one I sold and if I do I`ll definately part out one of them to help you out !!
alright well let me know if you get ahold of that other one i really would like to restore this sled or swap parts into a super brute chassis that isnt all messed up due to the fact i know these sleds can really fly and go good and it was also my first snowmobile.

heres alittle pic of betsy lol
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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