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Db Levels On Sleds

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I picked up some trail maps on my travels thru wisconsin and michigan and it mentioned a 86db sound level for riding on the trails. I was curious how they monitor the sound levels and if anyone has been caught with a fine for being over the 86db limits. Thanks d_d
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Dunno. My guess is if it sounds abnormally loud, they pull ya over and check it out? :crazy: I saw on the discovery channel (ha ha) they had a special mic and some sort of box that monitors the decibal rating. Perhaps they have a hend-held version? lol. I dunno.
i had a mbrp trail can on mine last year not to loud. but my friend had a MBRP RACE can on his 700 and we were stopped. all the cop said to my friend open the hood he looked seen the can and he recieved a 140.00 fine.

they dont use any kind of measuring tools if your sled does not have the stock can on your going to get a fine.
The police use a standard decible meter from 100 feet away 86 Db is very generous (the same sound pressure as a moto cross bike) Here in Quebec Canada its 73 Db at 10 meters (37 feet). And you lose your trail permit. Its illegal here to modify exhaust systems. Really hard on vintage guys who can't get old stock parts.
Yes there is portable handheld db meters. I have one at work for testing equipment. i don't know the proceedure they use to check sleds or even if they use a db meter.
as thumbdoctor said, most dnr officers do carry the db meter with them and they need to use it to check your system out. I am not positive about the distance but the 86 db is correct,,, I would assume 100 foot would be correct and that is VERY generous. You probably wont even get stopped for a second look if you arent loud,,,, its the loud guys that will get the friendly wave and have an opportunity to chat with a dnr officer.
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