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So now that Haydays is over I want to ask what fellow site members think about the outcome.  

Did it turn out the way we all expected it to.  

We had the RX-1 Run exactly the way they were running before the event.

We had a Great showing of the skidoo Rev and HO motors.  

The Non production Firecat made a decent run.  

Me personnally, I didnt expect the rev to fare that well.  I knew it was a great ditch banger but it seems to be amazing at draging as well.

Yamaha suprized me.  Honestly i though yamaha was sandbaging and waiting for Haydays to fully unleash the RX-1.  I also dont understand why yamaha didnt make sure it was faster then the SRX it replaced.  

I still dont trust the results of haydays.  Just because the Rev ran real good there IMO doesnt mean it will run that way when i take delivery.  

However IMO after seeing the results of this, last years Snow X, and other drag races i think this is going to be a Solid yellow year.  

In short i am very happy i bought a Rev.
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