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Done grinding

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Finished the porting on the 900 cyl's tonite, hone & assemble tomorrow. then grip it & rip it!
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As far as the clutch i'm going to wad the wt. to it & hope for the best till I get the 44's dialed in. Then I'll try the heelclicker kit thats on the shelf.
I installed the M10 last feb. & got about 1200mi. on it, the M10 is likely the best mod I have ever done to any sled.
Sorry this is the best I can do. I took these before assembly this afternoon. The cyl's came from another mxz that I returned to stock & sold. It needed help, ports were not equal in vol., squish too tight, compression too high.
another of the base
they are crank shop cyl's & head that were poorly installed
Nothing to the crank, but the upper half of the case needs to be machined to accept the larger dia. of the new cyls.
why would you think it would shake apart? ???
see your own sig. for my answer
 :D  :D
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finally had enough snow and time to get this think finished & tuned close. seems to run very well now, not all that tough to tune compared to some others i've done. excellent throttle response quick revs good power
1 - 9 of 20 Posts
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