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EVERYONE I've talked to that uses Doolys swears by them... Is there ANYONE that doesn't like them?.. If there was ONE thing I didn't like about my sled this winter it was the darting.. I ordered a set of doolys for the wifes 550F and for my Formula 3 700.... I read one article that says if everyone used doolys then everyone would complain about darting again because the skiis would be all trying to follow the double ruts on the trails....Anyways I probably won't be able to find out until next winter... What a bummer..
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I guess there isn't anyone that doesn't like them :)
I have used Doolys for 2 seasons. Alot of people complain that they push in corners. I find that they do a little in soft snow but on hard packed, they rail around the corners. I had precisions skis before on my Rev. I hated these skis because they pushed in the corners so bad. :unsure:
As for darting they are great. I find it doesn't matter what ski you have because they will dart in certain condtions, mainly when you are in someone elses ski tracks. But you will find a big improovement. When I had my precisions on my sled there was no darting untill hit ski tracks from another set of precisions skis. Then you were all over the place. If you have plastic skis the doolys protect the center of the ski. In low snow conditions ski wears to the thickness of a single runner. The doolys are the same thickness of the center of your ski.
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i got them on my sled

they last along time

but if you have no studs the back end tends to get loose that was a groomed trail with like a corn snow on top that could of been why

but there great runners!!!
I had the Cat doolys that came with my sled. I couldn't get them off fast enough. No darting, but no steering either. Just remember that the more ski pressure the more the dart. Less pressure gets less dart with a cost of less positive steering. It's a fine line between comfort and steering. Even with doolys you will dart if there is too much ski pressure for that runner. I also agree that once there are more people using them the less they will work.
There now did I make it cloudier for you. Haha, Sorry!!! :tongue:
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