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Drive turns, track doesnt

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Newbie, I’ve been riding snowmobile’s for about 10 years. I have to snowmobile in and out to my house in the winter. Today I was out joy riding on a 2013 RMK pro 800 engine. Got stuck going up a hill on a protruding branch. Got off the snowmobile out and turned around. Snowmobile track will not engage. First I checked belt, clutch both were engaging. Went to other side thinking drive belt toast, it wasn’t both gears on Drive side working as well. Tried to find this on any discussion forums. They all talk about coaches belts, etc. My clutches are working fine drive belt is engaging drive gear is turning. I have to hike about a mile to get back up to it tomorrow. The only thing I could find is may be loose track? Looking for some direction before I load up the backpack with tools. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Sounds like you broke the chaincase somehow. Probably the tensioner I'd guess. Tow it out. Don't try to fix it in the woods.
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