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Driveshaft Question

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i am finally getting around to changing the drive sprockets...i was wondering if anybody could fill me in on how to take the brass rings off and on. i have a press, so i have the tools needed. also do new brass rings come with the new drive sprockets? it doesn't say anything about it on browns leisure, so i am just checking.

i was also just curious to know if it is possible to take off the sprockets and flip them 180 degrees and put them back on the shaft. the sprocket teeth are still new on the back side. i heard someone say this, and i was just wondering if maybe they inhaled too much gas, or if it were true.

i am really hoping this solves the problem i was always having. the track would come off the sprockets when i would pin it. I had to keep the track tension on the high side to keep the picks from tearing out the exchanger.

please help,

thank you in advance
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The brass rings don't come off and the new sprockets come with them on already. You can flip them 180 degrees, I have done it. Just be sure you find the little mark on each sprocket and have them all aligned to each other when you press them on the shaft or else the teeth will not line up perfectly.
so there is no trick to pressing them on and off? just put the sprocket on the base then press the shaft down through it?

it seems straight forward, but i always thought the rings went on after to keep it in place on the shaft. the fact that the rings don't need to be taken off makes it so much easier.

Yup. just press them on and make sure they're lined up and in the propper position on shaft. I used a 30 ton press and made sure I pressed at points as close to the edge of the shaft as possible so it would slide easy and not bend sprocket.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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