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Electrical Issues?

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My friend has a 97 Vmax 600 SX that had a hard time hitting 5000 RPM. I'm not a sled mechanic but can do a little. I started with basic carb cleaning & found them spotless. While putting carbs back on I noticed a portion of the wiring harness touching the jackshaft. Pulled wires back & seen a rub through on two wires going to the stator. So I measured the resistances on all wires on it & a stator I got from a local parts guy to find 60 ohms difference between the two, pulled out the old one to see two coils were heated up enough to melt the glue off of the windings. The local guy said that it will work even though it is from an older sled so I changed it. This sled has a TPS sensor on it and a self check system that flashes temp. light for codes,it flashes three times on start up as it is supposed to verify system is working properly. The wires that were shorted are brown & black. My question is does anyone have the proper resistance values for the stator of this sled ?? Could the CDI box be at fault without the on-board diagnostics knowing any better ?? Is there anyway that anybody knows to check a CDI without replacing it ?? Any help would be great !!!
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