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Embarassed To Ask...

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Okay, so I am a newbie, in over my head again, and lovin it. :)
I am putting (replacing a motor that I never had) a 670 in a 1995 Mach 1 (F chassis?). That in itself is easy enough BUT... I need to be taught how to align the clutches using the Mcgyver method i.e with a block of wood and some gum. Can it be done, or do I HAVE to buy a tool?
What are the specs, and how do I measure them? I would really appreciate any help, I love doing stuff myself, and would hate to have to take it in to a shop. :(

Thanks guys! :christmas:
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Hi and welcome. If you dont align your clutches properly you will find that tripple will be eating belts. I would recommend using the right tools, maybe someone here on the board can help you, or taking it in to the dealer. If I remember right belts for that buggy run about 80 bones.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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