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Epi clutch kit mxz800

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I put a EPI kit(springs and helix) in my 2001 mxz800, followed directions set sec. preload at 18-19 lbs, my engagement is around 4800 with the new spring, i am getting my a** kicked by a stock mxz 700 and believe it or not a stock F111 600, all three sleds have 192 picks, I weigh 220,  will someone please tell me what I am doing wrong!!
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this race was about 400 ft.
Welcome to the wonderful world of tuning!!

Could you beat the stock 700 prior to the kit?

I don't have experience with the EPI kit, but
I would start with belt alignment and belt
deflection. 4800 is a little high in my opinion.

What are your RPM's at top end? 440 ft is short
and I would think you should take both
sleds. Are you sure they are stock?

The best way to test is to have a buddy that
you can run against each time and his sled
stays constant.
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Rider weight has a lot to do with it too - how much do they weigh?

I weigh 140, most of my buddies weigh wouldn't believe what a difference 60-100 lbs. less weight makes!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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