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Post your reports here.
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sorry guys, not much here. Our poker run scheduled for Saturday has already been pushed back until next Saturday Jan 26th.
We have snow! We got SO much snow this weekend that riding Saturday was terrible. It was snowing so hard all night visibility was virtually zero. 2 of us ended up in a ditch due to an errant car and deep snow covering the headlight. That said, The trails should be in fantastic shape by now! It has STILL not stopped snowing and is supposed to continue until this afternoon. If this started 12 hours earlier we could have had the poker run. Saturday morning at 7am there was no snow at all. By 10:30am I was taking neighbor kids for rides around the neighborhood.

If you guys were planning a run over here this week should be great. We should be out tonight so I'll give you a report tomorrow.

(I just reread what I wrote and that is the most disjointed caffiene induced rambling I've ever written.........sorry...)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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