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I have an exciter sx that ran great last year. Stored it, fogged the engine and it started up and ran fine late fall. Finally got some snow, went to take it for a ride seemed boggy even lifted on its stand. Figured it just needed to get the fogging out of it. But it got worse the longer it ran. Would not idle and white smoke hanging in the air.
Spark on both sides plugs looked ok(changed them anyway). Pulled the carbs had a sled head friend clean them properly. Put them back in a few pulls and a quick adjust on the idle and it was running perfect. Took it for a little rip, lots of power ran like new. Parked it, 2days later (last night) started it up idled fine, let it warm up, gave it a little throttle, not as responsive as normal. Idle some more try the throttle again even worse bog, then white smoke from the exhaust. Bogging even worse now and wont idle unless you hold on the gas a little. Just seems like there is no power ( like running on one cylinder).
leaking head gasket?
oil pump/ mixture?
like i said carbs were just cleaned and set up.
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