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Eye & Ears People! Help Find Stolen Sleds & Trailer

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The guy who Runs Sledheads's neighbor got ripped off over night Saturday

I just saw a friend of mine who lives in grayilng along
m-72 out near the ole barn. He heard something early this morning about
6 and looked out and didnt think much of it....but......his small black
2 place enclosed trailer with his 2 sleds in it were stolen this morning.
The trailer says sno pro along the aluminum rail on the side bottom of
the trailer and there was no plate on the trailer. In it was his 07 green
F 1000 with only 200 miles on it and his 02 black thundercat with a
backrest on it......its hard to belive there are people out there with
enough kahunas to back into a persons yard and drive off with a sled
trailer like that.....let me know or crawford county sheriff dept know if
you spot anything..........
Sledheads 989-344-7669
Crawford County Sheriff 989-348-6341[/b]
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i hope he gets his stuff back. thats horrible. hope he has insurance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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