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I've got a diamond engagement ring for sale, since I no longer am engaged as of April of last year. I need to sell this ring, as I owe a little bit on taxes this year, so I need to sell this preferrably pretty quick. Here's all the technical stuff, the photos really don't do it justice. I did a month of learning about diamonds, etc before choosing this one.. This is a certified real natural diamond.

EGL Lab Diamond Certificate #: 2411102920
Weight: 1.01 carrot
Shape & Cut: Princess
Measurements: 5.63 - 5.27 x 3.92 mm
Total Depth: 74%
Table Width: 74%
Crown Height: 10%
Pavilion Depth: 62%
Girdle Thickness: Medium, Polished

Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good to Very Good
Culet: none

Clarity Grade VS1
Graining: Nil
Color Grade: H
Flourescence: None

Appraisal Replacement Value: $5,325.

Tiffany ring size is 5 1/2

Please email me if interested: Joel at WinePress.US


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