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F7 151 Kit

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I was watching a snowmobiling show earlier this winter and they did modifications to a F7 to boost the horsepower to 151. They open the pipe up and did some mods to it, they drilled holes in the air intake and replaced it with foam, they did clutching to it and changed the timing key. I guess what my question is, does anyone have any more information on this or not?


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Not to sure about your application but a timing key and pipe mod work well. I did my own pipe mod and added about 3/8" at the end of the fatest part of the pipe and left the stinger alone. At first I thought the D&D bulls eyes actually worked for the hole shot but actually hampered the top end, it is all about velocity. Check your head squish also...
IMO best bang for the buck on the 700 cat laydown:

BMP pipe mod
Timing Key
D&D y pipe

My personal experience is that 160+ is achievable with the above parts and good tuning.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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