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I have so often read of lousy dealer support that I have to tell about a good dealer :D :

I purchased a A/C '98 Panther and after only 4 miles the crankshaft snapped.
I found a re-built crankcase for $360 and the dealer assembled the motor with new parts (pistons etc) and supplied a new starter motor (was defective when delivered) all for no charge.

When I purchased the A/C the dealer assured me that he would look after me - well I don't know the cost of tearing down the old motor and rebuilding the replacement and installing in the sled but I now have a re-built engine for $360 and my dealer has a very satisfied client. This dealer has sold my family 4 ATVs and 3 snowmobiles - all because of the after market support. By the way he is in Gunnison, Utah which is 85 miles from my home.

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