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Fast clutch set up

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I'm looking for an easy clutch set-up that will work great on the trail, while still being able to drag race alittle. Do you guys have any quick setups for a 00' MXZ 700
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This works very well, have it in my sled now,VERY trail friendly and a much smoother shiftout than stock.

287 ramps,50/47 cam @ B6 w/new beige and the 127 belt , adj. clickers for 7900/8100 rpm.
I ran the 127 belt back to back on a lake this past weekend, and saw no difference in top speed, about 110 by the speedo, on a not real hardpacked surface.Have you guys actually tried this belt or just going by what other people have said? Just curious........

As far as racing, I pull my buddies 99MackZ(stock other than 160some pics and EPI clutch kit) out of the hole till about 600-800 feet,and then he slowly goes by me ,and at 100mph he is about 3 lengths ahead.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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