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Fast clutch set up

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I'm looking for an easy clutch set-up that will work great on the trail, while still being able to drag race alittle. Do you guys have any quick setups for a 00' MXZ 700
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can you exlain the 127 belt. Is it just another belt for the sled, with alittle different dimensions/Rubber? And how does this set-up work for drag racing? Trail riding is my main objective though. I was going to get an mbrp can, but am considering clutching instead for right now. How much would it cost for the ramps, spring helix?    Thanks for the Help
I put on a new 067 belt about 100 miles ago,and I already think that it's no good. It turned kinda grayish looking on the sides, but it hasn't started to crack or fray. It seems like it is too wide, it wants to grab at an idle. Is this the stock belt?    I had better luck with belt # 414-8607-00 ofcourse I ruined that one by towing someone through slush
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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