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Faster z 120

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Afriend of mine has a z120, He wants to eliminate or turn up the top end on the govener. I have never seen the sled so i'm not sure how it's set up. How can he get more speed out of this sled?   Thanks.
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My buddie geared his up. He went to the hardware store and bought a longer chain and a bigger gear. He had to get some welding done on the hub but his cost was only 40 canadian. His kid raced at the drags in the mini comp and when he passed the 660 foot mark the other kids were only half way down the track.  
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I just bought a Z120 for my son and the guy gave me several different gear sizes and a  different clutch.  You can buy a governer bypass kit for just a few dollars.  The "hi-perf" clutch kicks in at a higher rpm, thus allowing better hole shots.

Go to this web address 120 performance for more ideas.
both your responses were helpfull but i was lokking for a way to remove the govener or mabey a different spring for more top end.
This sled has a governer screw, just turn it counterclockwise 2 turns and try that......
Quickest thing to do is put a ziptie through the coils of the spring going from the gov. arm to the throttle on the carb.
or put a gov arm through the zip tie of the carb?
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