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Fett Bro's Heavy Hitters

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I installed a Fett Bro's heavy hitter clutch weights into my 1997 thundercat . Has to be the best money spent on getting the sled to rock!!! It takes a little time tuning but well worth it, putting the power to the track. No use having the power if it's not going to the ground. I was wondering what other sledders thought of the kit. The two other things that was worth the money is Temp-a-flow, just jet and forget it and the UFO's great throttle response and a great combo. :rolleyes:
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holy cow!!! no ever has tried thier clutch kit???!!!!
Heavy Hitters...Never did get them tuned. Maybe next winter. Mine are just the adjustable wgt's not a complete clutch kit.

TempaFlow...Works like a charm. As the days warm up my mileage stays constant while other carbed sleds nosedive.

UFO's...not applicable to Flatsides so no comment.
yea mine are just weights also. had a pretty good set-up but alway over reving or under reving in one of the 3 stages, (take-off, mid or top end) with the kit you can tune all three seperate rather than changing two of them or all three trying to get one dialed in. Just make sure you dial it in at the conditions you run in most, packed snow, loose snow or if your racing on ice, and same driver I had a friend run it also he weighed about 75 heavier and rpm down about 100 rpm in each stage of tuning. Also if you want to set it up for racing out of the hole make sure you take out the couplers blocks and set it up that way weigh transfer makes a big diff.
I would like to have a set right before throwing the sled on the dyno,,,, let the dyno help me get it dialed in to put the hp where it needs to be,,, THE GROUND!!!

Dont care for the tempa-flo,,, just couldnt get it to work with my efi LOL I always liked tinkering with the carbs, but after my first efi sled,,,,, no more need for a tempa-flo,,,

Never tried the ufos,,,, have heard they really work and have also heard they made no difference in power or fuel mileage,,,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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