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I have a modified Green and Black seat off of my 2003 firecat. Added foam to the seat to make it sit a bit higher than stock and more firm as well. That way you don't sink down as far, which also acts like a higher seat. The front bottom corners have also been smoothed and rounded a bit so they don't wear on the covers as the seats were known to do. The seat is in great shape. It looks pretty much like a stock seat, just a bit taller and firmer. The original cover is on it yet....looks great! $99 (you pay shipping and paypal fee if applicable). I also have a set of platinum ski loops off of my firecat. $9 (you pay shipping and paypal fee if applicable). I will charge only actual shipping fee. Not looking to profit, just to get rid of the parts. Thanks! Both items in good shape, both look like stock items. I can take pics if you really need them.

Modified SEAT $99 + acutual shipping/paypal fee if applicable
Platinum Ski Loops $9 + actual shipping/paypal fee if applicable

Things I am looking for:

Green chrome windshield

white faced speedo off of a chaincase sled

anything else you might be able to think of
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