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its a 1010 kit for the zr zl 800 900 bottom end
the kit is at jobi davids right now as he was going to do some more porting and get it ready for a bottom end for me but I have to many other prodjects to get this one going so I am going to be selling the kit
when one cyl will have fresh nic and the heads will be cut to what your needs are
it is a billet torque line head with 1010 domes
the cylenders have a trail port job done I was going to still stay trail safe but I was going to have a little work done and have them cleaned up more like a race quality port
well they are still in the right hands to get this done

well any way if interested give jobi davids a call

jobi davids number is 920 787 3868

this kit will uses the D&D pistons so there is no worry about trying to get new pistons Psi 1010s use the D&D piston as well

you may also want to considerdomes having jobi do the folowing

cut for your application the head is a torque-line 1 peice billet head with domes.
or I could have your stock heads cut for your aplication if you wanted a true sleeper its up to you. this head also says 800 on but people usualy know somthings up when they see a billet head

if you wanted jobi to reassemble & blueprint your motor this is what he said he would charge to get you put together.

crank will be checked for index .

jobi will split the case and true your crank and reassemble with top end for 300.00

50 dollars to weld the crank normally he charges 100. for true & weld

you would need to send your power valves and bottom end in

plus you get to keep your top end if you wanted to put it back to stock when you sell your sled

I would recomend having jobi install the motor and have him tune and clutch your sled for you
he will take you out to the lake dial your carbs in and clutch the sled this would be extra of course but he is verry reasonable....

also you might want to talk to jobi about doing the bearing update to your bottom end
or atleast ask about it

I also have a psi single pipe and high flow Y that I would sell after the 1010 kit is gone.
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