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For Sale:IPHONE 16GB 3G,BlackBerry Bold 9000,Ps 3 80GB

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We sell diffrence types of mobile phones such as N0KIA Nseries, iphone,Apple ipod video Samsung. Sonyericsson,HTC,LG,imate,O2,Eten,HP,Asus,Gigabyte,Gigabyte,Palm,Blackerry,Sagem,Alcatel,Philips,Sharp,Toshiba,Pantech,V K Mobile.All these phones we have in stock in diffrence Model.They are all brand new unlocked package in original company box with complete accessories.we are able to deliver internationally to doorstep.using Fedex courier dhl,ups it depend on good shiping company are best in your country.We are also offer discount =======bulk offer.We sell with Sim Free.
How to order.Send us the list of the phones that you will like to buy and your full name.shipping address including your personal phone number .

Buy :3-unit Get 1 Free Of Charge.
Shipping : FedEx, DHL or UPS
Delivery Time : 38hrs/48hrs.

Email us on :

E-MAIL : [email protected]
MSN CHAT : [email protected]

PLAYSTATION 1 =======$150USD
PLAYSTION 2 =======$160USD
PLAYSTATION 3 =======$200USD
PLAYSTATION 3 60GB =======$220USD
PLAYSTATION 3 80B =======$250USD

Sony Ericsson G900 =======$220USD
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 =======$210USD
Sony Ericsson W980 =======$230USD
Sony Ericsson W960 =======$210USD
Sony Ericsson pi =======$210USD
Sony Ericsson z1010 =======$190usd
Sony Ericsson W900I =======$210USD
Sony Ericsson W910 =======$200USD
Sony Ericsson W890 =======$240USD

IPHONE 4GB =======$200USD
IPHONE 8GB =======$220USD
IPHONE 16GB =======$260USD
IPHONE 16GB 3G =======$270USD

BlackBerry Bold 9000=======$300
BlackBerry Storm =====$270
BlackBerry Pearl 8110=======$230
BlackBerry Pearl 8120=======$200
BlackBerry Curve 8320=======$190
BlackBerry Curve 8310=======$170
BlackBerry Curve 8300=======$180
BlackBerry 8820=======$160
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition=======$200
BlackBerry 8800=======$170
BlackBerry Pearl 8100=======$150

HTC MAX 4G =======$290USD
HTC Touch 3G =======$280USD
HTC Touch Diamond =======$240USD
Advantage X7501 AT RATE =====$300USD
Touch Dual AT RATE ====$270usd
P4550 Kaiser AT RATE =====$260usd
HTC Touch Cruise =======$230USD
HTC S710 =======$160USD
HTC SHIFT =======$300USD
HTC P4350 =======$200USD
HTC Touch Dual =======$220USD
HTC TyTN II =======$280USD
IPOD VIDEO 40GB =======$150USD
IPOD VIDEO 32GB =======$240USD
Ipod video 30GB =======$130USD
Ipod video 60GB =======$190USD
Ipod video 80GB =======$200USD
Apple Ipod Nano 4GB=====$100US

Samsung M8800 Pixon AT RATE $230USD
Samsung U900 Soul =======$220usd
samsung F700 =======$200USD
SAMSUNG D600 =======$160USD
SAMSUNG D900 =======$200USD
SAMSUNG U700 =======$210USD
SAMSUNG P110 =======$200USD
SAMSUNG G800 =======$230USD
Samsung SGH-i780 =======$200USD
Samsung G800 =======$260USD
Samsung SGH - I900 Omnia (16GB) (Black) =======$280USD

N0KIA 8800 Sapphire Arte AT RATE ====$250USD
N0KIA 8800 Arte =======$230USD
N0KIA 6500 SLIDER =======$200USD
N0KIA 5800 XpressMusic =======$250usd
N0KIA 5700 =======$250USD
N0KIA 8801 =======$150USD
N0KIA N90 =======$180USD
N0KIA N91 =======$185USD
N0KIA N92 =======$220USD
N0KIA N93 =======$230USD
N0KIA N93i =======$250USD
N0KIA N95 8GB =======$280USD
N0KIA N96 =======$280USD
N0KIA N97 =======$290USD
N0KIA N95 =======$270USD
N0KIA N80 =======$170USD
N0KIA N81 8GB ===== $250USD
N0KIA N71 =======$140USD
N0KIA N70 =======$130USD
N0KIA N72 =======$160USD
N0KIA N73 =======$180USD
N0KIA N75 =======$230USD
N0KIA N76 =======$250USD
N0KIA N77 =======$260USD
N0KIA N78 =======$265USD
N0KIA E90 =======$250USD
N0KIA E60 =======$160USD
N0KIA E61 =======$180USD
N0KIA E62 =======$190USD
N0KIA E63 =======$200USD
N0KIA E65 =======$210USD

How to order.Send us the list of the phones that you will like to buy and your full name.shipping address including your personal phone number.
Email us on

[email protected]
[email protected]

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