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I know a guy who is selling a mid 90's formula for $200 . I asked him what was wrong and he said it ran perfectly 2 years ago but hadnt riddin it since. When he went to try to start it this year it wouldnt pull over so he thought it was siezed. I am far from a mechanic but is it possible that from sitting for a while the piston rings are dry or sticky? Mayby its the recoil mechanizme that is siezed.

If the rings are stuck who can i fix this without scoring the cylinder walls?

In my opinion i would be buying a steal!

Just looking for other opinions on this

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Boy, when you say 90's do you know if its early late? engine size 583/670? did you try putting wrench on drive /primary clutch to see if it would turn? alot to be considered, track cond. etc.

If the engine is siezed, I mean, Now you are buying a project.. how much do you want to put into it, is it going to be primary sled?

All that said, what can you buy for 200.00 today. Actualy sounds like a fun project to have in the garage for the summer to me.
I agree, $200 is a steal, it shouldnt even be legal to sell a sled for that much. But anyways, it does sound like a good project, and fixing it up could help you get to know your sled inside and out, and thats pretty important if something happens up in the mountains and you need to fix it, so if its still there, get it, just make sure its still got some shape to it :p
buy it and part it out if nothing else. The skid and front suspension should get you $200. No brainer just doo it
Pull the plugs and add a couple drops of oil to it. If it pulls over without the plugs the buy it. Sounds like it may have a bad float valve and is hydro locked. You'll know when you pull it over. Just don't be looking into the plug holes :D
It sounds like you could also make a custom sled out of it, since its only $200, you could pour a little cash into it, make it a machine to be dealt with, just have some friends help you out, sounds like a fun project
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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