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Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed that the forums are now on a different domain than they were before. Not only a different domain, but different servers, URL, the works.

This move was prompted from repeated server outages on the old server, and also was moved by the request of the server owners. SW has grown leaps and bounds this season, and we quickly outgrew our previous host.

The new servers are not without their issues too. Much work needs to be done to increase forums speed, fix minor bugs, make tweaks, etc.

You may notice from time to time, functions or features that use to work, no longer do. If you find something not working, images not loading, etc, please post in the Questions/Problems forum.

Also, it is of utmost importance that any users that have bookmarked the forum previously; to update them to the new URL. We ask that ALL users please use the new URL for bookmarks.

We appreciate your patience through this issue. Happy sledding!
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