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From the Manual I just got
Throttle Position Sensor-Models proir to 1997. Test the TPS with the engine not running.
1. Disconnect the electrical plug from the TPS.
2. Use an ohmeter to read the resistance between the terminals for the red and black wires. Resistance should be 4250-6750ohms.
3. With the throttle at idlemeasure the resistance between the black and white wires. Resistance should be 722.5-977.5 ohms.
4. Open the throttle full and measure the resistance between the black and white wires again. Resistance should be 4250-6750ohms.
5. With the ohmmeter attached to the black and white wires move the throttle in and out and the resistance should change as the control is moved.

If you find any issue with this part leave it disconnected and take it for a short drive. If you notice a major difference with it disconnected you may need to replace it. I have to take mine now for a good drive and keep checking the plugs and piston wash. It sounds like the same problem that I am having but you would have noticed you used 2-3 times the amount of fuel you usually do, the recommended plugs foul easily (most people think they need a hotter plug) and if you disconnect it the sled works like you just bought it.

Hope this helps but I'm still working out the details on mine.

Happy Trails!!
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