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Fox Act Help

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I reciently purchased a 02 ZR600cc. THe former owner said he had replaced the rear shock with a rydfx because of problems with the ACT. He said he gave me all the old parts. Of course I beleaved him and the suspension was packed with snow So I assumed he was telling me the truth. Well, my fault for trusting someone. Anyway he had removed the front oil resevior and did not give me the clicker for the rear shock. Should I spend the money and fix it back to origional or is there a better option. I didn't know if it would be cheeper to buy some used shocks that were complete on Ebay and have them rebuilt or just buy the parts. The OEM parts list for arctic cat does not list the clicker or remote oil resevoir for individual sale.

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does it have shocks in all 4 spots. if you have 4 shocks you should have any problems
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