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Fried Stator - Could This Have Done It....

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I put a 93 CDI in my 96 T-cat ysterday. It started right up ran for a while, then started breaking up and not wanting to run. I couldn;t put my finger on it, becasue it was sort of inconsistant.

Checked spark, seemed ok, was getting fuel, but not fouling plugs, had compression?????

Went to put the otehr CDI back in it and realzied that the gorund wire had broken off the new one and was intermintly connecting. I swapped fo rthe old one, jsut in case. It wouldn't start, and would only fire sometimes.

I traced it to stator. One of the charge coils is open. It was just rewound last year. Coudl the CDI gorund coming loose had fried it?
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