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<table border=0 width= valign=top cellpadding=2 cellspacing=7><tr><td width=80 align=center valign=top><a href=""><img src= width=80 height=53 alt="" border=1>
<font size=-2>Georgian</font></a></td><td valign=top class=j>Funding aims to help mountain caribou
<font size=-1><font color=#6f6f6f>Kootenay News Advertiser, Canada -</font> <nobr>1 hour ago</nobr></font>
<font size=-1>The Provincial Government is giving $50000 to the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation (BCSF) to develop a strategy to ensure safe and sustainable ...</font>
<font size=-1>[FULL STORY] <font size=-1 color=#6f6f6f><nobr>Georgian</nobr></font></font>
<font class=p size=-1>><nobr>all</font></table>
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