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Funny Track Sounds

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Hi Everybody,

My 99 Formula 500 was in need of some suspension work (worn out bearings), so I decided to tackle the job myself. I dropped the skid frame, and had to split the rails to replace my rear axle bearing.

Anyway, aftering doing all of that, I noticed two problems I previously did not have with my skid frame: (1) when I put all of my weight on it, the skid frame would NOT uncollapse - I had to manually force it back to normal (guessing I need a new shock, but I didn't put a new shock in at that point) and (2) I replaced my front leather straps and now they weren't under any pressure, ie. they were not under any tension at all - even though they were in the bombarier specifed hole locations (but they were kimpex straps so maybe the dimensions are wrong??)

Since I was doing all of this back in Nov/Dec, when the trails finally got good in my area (mid Jan), I rushed the skid frame back into the machine and went riding.

Now I have this problem - when I'm riding less than 80 km/hr, everything seems fine - no funny sounds, everything is normal. However, if I go faster than 80, say 100 km/hr, I start hearing what I think is the track feeding, kind of a "clink clink clink" sound...and then I start hearing chattering from the track. This usually scares me enough to slow down and generally when I am less than 80 km/hr, the sounds go away.

My track isn't the newest (I've got over 7,000 km on the track and it's starting to show some age), I'm not 100% sure I've set the track tension/alignment correctly and I've got these darn issues with my skid frame (above).

If anybody has some advice (like "it's your track tension dummy!")...I would appreciate it, since that can help me save some time getting this issue fixed...although I think I just went for my last ride of the season today :( :...thanks in advance...
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As far as your suspension not returning, it has more to do with the springs on the side than the shocks. Make sure they are under tension and adjusted properly. Also I would bet that if you lift the back of the machine off the ground, the straps will be under pressure (it is normal for slack when the machine is sitting on flat ground). If you get your spring issue under control so that the suspension rebound is correct for your weight, I wouldn't be suprised if your noise would go away. That and make sure your track tension is somewhat close to spec
I go about 1 in for track anymore and
it could start to hit the tunel . also did you put new hyfax on if so they should be cut even at the ends and at 45 de.
It could be the track skipping because the tension is too loose or you could have drive bearings on the way out.
I go about 1 in for track anymore and
it could start to hit the tunel . also did you put new hyfax on if so they should be cut even at the ends and at 45 de.[/b]
Yes, I did put new kyfax (sliders) on...had to cut them, I *think* I cut at a 45, but I'll check that. Never even thought of that.

I guess it could be my drive bearing, but it's wierd it started making this sound after I did all this suspension work myself...but that could make sense.
I adjusted the track tension yesterday (made it tighter), and the funny "clink clink clink" sounds started at 40 km/hr.

I'm probably going to drop the skid frame again, perhaps replace the track over the summertime, so I'll replace the drive bearing then.

As for the remove the skid frame, I backed off the spring tension, and when I put the skid frame back in, the machine was able to pickup the skis on acceleration from a stop. I liked that, so I didn't adjust the spring tension back to where it was. :lookaround:
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Spoke to a buddy of mine about this problem...he's said "I've never heard of a drive bearing go with such a sound. They usually just let go with an unholy bang."

He also advised me to check the colour of my chaincase oil (changed before start of the season)...and if it's a McDonald's milkshake grey I probably have a problem with the drive bearing.

I checked the colour of it, and it is indeed quite grey....and this "clink clink clink" sound is the bearing going way I guess?
It could also be a stud pulling thru or your track coming apart. At lower speeds, the track is rigid enough. As speed increases, the damaged portion of the track gets pushed out toward the bulk head and makes contact. I speak (unfortunatley) from experience. At least check it out.
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