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After doing some mileage and gas burnt figures, It averages 8mpg.
Ive seen other posts of the 550f doing up to 11-12mpg.

Back in 2015 work decided to get away from the bad experence they had with Polaris 550 indy trails (burn down specials) so a new ski-doo 550 tundra was tasked at that station.
Well it didnt last a single season (2489mi).
At that particular time there were issues with the loacal gas vender dispensing unfilterd gas at the pump. And this cherry 550 was one the casualties.
Carbs were gunked up with black stuff.
It did start and idle, it just didnt have any power.
A compression test said it needed cylinder work.
So it was brought back to the shop where I was tasked with decontaminating the fuel system.
It needed the cylinders pulled so we ended up out-sourcing the job to a local mechanic that worked on a few Ski-Doos (had the shop tools)
After the machine was top-ended
It was time to break in the new jugs (winter 2016)
The spring of 2017 was the first real test was after 230 put put miles was its first real trip with some other machines for a run up-trail 85 miles.
The trip usually takes 3/4 to 7/8 a tank of gas to get there.
(A tank of gas will get you there Nooo Problem!)
This trip I was pulling a lightly loaded 12 foot basket sled with about 120# of gear, this is April, sunny, wind blowing about 17mph -12°F, staked trails are hardpacked snow with some loose on top (no soft stuff off trail work).
This should be a milk run.
At about the halfway mark Id noticed the gas gauge was reading a bar with under half a tank of gas (im thinking this is going to run out before I get there) since this was a milk run that everyone had done many times before and all made it with a tank of gas (no spare gas was brought along).
The 550 tundra ran outta gas 5 miles short of our destination village.
The gas light came on about 13 miles away (73 mile mark).
Lets see 86 miles, minus 5 short of the village, 81 miles on a tank of gas.
Ski Doo says the gas tank holds 10.6 gallons gas.
So I figure about 9.1 useable gas
81÷9.1= 8.9 mpg?
That seems like good milage but what should a 2015 Ski-Doo 550f pull for gas mileage?
The plugs look tan so Im thinking the carbs were cleaned but still set to factory settings.
Im thinking possibly it may be the drive drag some how causing the extra gas consumption?
I noticed it dont really coast out when you let off the gas.
Then again Ski-Doo dont seem to coast much, the best of the bunch is a 550F Expedition, Skandic WT 600s dont coast out either.

My old Arctic cat Puma will coast out for a long ways after you let off the gas, once the primary clutch is slack it will roll right along.
So maybe I could check for rolling resistance?
Track alignment and tensions are done per the manual.

I had hoped that they made a graphite impregnated slider HI-Fax for new Ski-Doos.


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