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Great Pics

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Check out These pictures Beautiful.
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so nice, wish I could ride that! where is that? British Colombia? Alaska? Montana? wherever that is sure is nice
Those guys are from Newfoundland.
Very eastern coast of Canada. (Just in case you or others didn't know where that is.)

Great pic's beautiful country and alot closer to home then Alberta or BC.
Wish I was going up there to sled ! Since I can't. I do plan on visiting this summer.
Strange, I don't know what happened to the post I made about sledding in Newfoundland. Anyway.

Anybody who's interested in sledding out east should check out Lewis There's all kinds of great information there, photo galleries and forums. If you've ever thought about sledding in Newfoundland you really have to check it out.
Check out These pictures Beautiful.[/b]
You gotta read the posts with a NEWFIE accent :D
You gotta read the posts with a NEWFIE accent :D[/b]
Very true. People definitely type the way the talk.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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