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I ordered a 440 prox fan for this winter and i pretty much know the ball park for weight on this machine.  But not know all that much Im trying to reference how much the 440 pro x will weight in comparison to my other sleds.  Only problem is that i have no clue what my other sled weight.  If anyone can logically guess at the weight of these sleds please let me know;

1.  94 artic cat wildcat 700 = weight ?
2.  87 540 yama SRV = weight?
3.  74 John Deere 340 = weight? (seems really really light)
4.  what about my 2000 polaris scrambler 4x4 = weight?

Also, anyone know someone that has a racer yet?  Or maybe has some new info.  I pretty much know the thing is coming with a new roller clutch, 1x13.5x121 track, but other than that i dont know of anymore goodies, nor what the color will be.  Someone help a brother out!!!!!
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