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Attention forum GUESTS.


For the past few years, forum guests have had access to the forums. While you were unable to post or make replies, you had total and open access to the forums.

Beginning in the near future, forum guests will not be able to view certain forums. In an effort to boost forum usage, increase member statistics (yes, for advertisers), and save on forum processes, some of the forums now viewable will no longer be.

I kindly ask all guests to take a moment and register to the forums. It's fast, free and easy.

In the past, we would have nearly 50 users active. 40 or more of those would be members, with less than 10 as guests. Now, we typically have more guests active than members.

Advertisers are increasingly competitive with their budgets, and look for "membership" as one of the MAIN ingredients.

Please, take a few seconds and register to the forums. With the ability to post, reply, add polls, upload your own avatar, use the Private Message feature, along with your own control panel, you don't know what you're missing.

Thank you. Please send comments or questions to

[email protected]
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