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New Guy
I recently acquired Johnson skee horse 20, 16 hp 1968.
It runs fine for an old Junker, and looks good.
BUT I'm striping the belt drive and chain drive out to drive a prop on an airboat I'm making. The boat is powered with a 1600cc VW motor.
I was wondering If any one may know what the final rpm reduction it would have to the track? I'm hoping it will be around 2 to 1. The Johnson twin ran at 3500 rpm and absolute red line of 4500.
Think it will hold up to the 60 HP of the VW?
Then last of all... Sorry
Has any one ever made a snow scooter? I'll end up with a 16 HP motor some skis and a track and boogies . To this red neck is screaming snow scooter !!!!!:surprise:
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