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Hand Warmer Wiring

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hows it going?

i bought a 96 wildcat, and my handlebar warmers didn't work, so i checked it out and all the wires are unhooked from the back of the switch.

anybody know what wire hooks up to each of the terminals on the back of the switch???
( the switch has thumb warmer and handlebar warmer on one side, and just handlebar warmer on the other side)

here's a pic of the back of the switch. (4 terminals, one has a thumbwarmer wire plugged into it)



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my guess would be the bottom middle is your input, the top is your output to your hand warmers and the bottom right is your thumb warmer,,,, when the switch is to the left (from looking at it at the back of the switch) the hand warmers should be the only thing on. When its to the right (again from the back of the switch) both the hand and thumb warmers should work,,,, but thats simply an educated guess.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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