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what handlebars do you guys think look good? i want a pair that will be higher up for me without having risers, i like the pro-tapers, tags, and renthals. any others i dont know of??
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you can go with fly bars but you will need a riser or slp comfort bars (4 inch rise)
I had a 99 mxz and I put on yamaha 00 sxr bars . They are wider and 2 to 3 inches taller than stock without a riser block. Much cheaper than Fly . I think I paid $29 new.


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if you are interested in going for the 440 set-up, Ski-Doo offers a 440 kit, and that seems to work pretty well.

its cheaper and less work just to add a set of risers.
its cheaper and less work just to add a set of risers.[/b]
Risers yes but the ski doo handlebars are to small they neeed to be wider.
I put on arctic cat bar off of a 06 M7 on my 03 rmk. There pretty high and look good
why not do the Yamaha bars like mentionned above $30 higher and wider
There are alot of stock Cat bars on there mountin sleds that have a 4 inch rise on them. MY friend has a 570 mountain cat (gutless) and the handle bars are like a U shape then go out at the tops for your controls. You could also look into some aftermarket ATV bars usually those have the deep U in them also. Here is an example of the ATV bars they sell on ebay and they go really cheap also $20-$30. The second link is to some pics of a mountain cats bars.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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