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Hc setup with 27 top gear

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I have an 02 800 with Heel Clickers.  With stock gearing the sled would pull 7900-8000 rpm.  After the 27 gear was put in the sled would only pull 7700. I took 1 gram out of the tip and that got me to 7800. The sled is running good it ran 117 (GPS) on Ice. I would like to hit 8100 on the tack (not checked) if anyone has and suggestions it would be a great help, thanks.
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Did you check your speedo @ 117 on GPS to see how close it  is?
Mine ran within the thickness of the needle of 120.
ON SPEEDO that is. I was I had a gps or radar to see how close it is. just curious mxzx121
If you are getting 117 on ice, I wouldn't mess with it.
The needle was right at 120 when I did that run. Can't remember off hand what spring i have.  It's the one that they tell you to use for a baseline.  I would just like to rev up a little more.  I might have to put the 26 back in, worked fine with the baseline settings. I try take a little more out of the tip.  I just don't want to loose any upshift.
MXZX121 - If you are using the Heel Clicker spring, I would recomend that you carry a spare. They are prone to quickly sagging or breaking.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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