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Head Bolts Leak

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The head bolts on my 01 XC Special 600 were leaking anti-freeze so I carefully tightened them. It seams to be working OK, but there is still some leaks. I would like to take them off and re-seal it with Permatex. Do I need to get new bolts and what would the torque be? I've heard that those bolts stretch and I don't want to strip out the threads.

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The bolts are have a sealer applied before install. You can use 3-bond or similar. The best fix is to buy the copper washers available from polaris for just that purpose. Engines with the washers rarely have a leakage issue once torqued to the proper 22-24 ft/lbs.
I took the bolts out and had studs put it because the eairly small blocks were bad castings and they strip get studs put in and you will never have a problem
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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