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Heel clickers

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i put a set of hc's in a 01 800x . 4.3,11.0,and 8.0 tip.i am running the beige secondary spring @ 21lbs. seems to be running about 8000rpm. my sled pulls great up to 90 mph , but seems to flatten out any suggestions? i am also running a dyno port pipe and silencer with reed spacers and carbon tech reeds. jetted down to 480's and have 1.25" sabers.
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What gearing? What Helix?
My '01 800 duece has the H-C's in it and runs awesome. Mine has 24 top gear(2 down from stock)and stock bottom gear. Theoretically(spelling?) geared for 114MPH at 7900 RPMs. But i'm not sure how I have the weight distributed(i'm going to check it out tommorrow then i'll get back with that). I have the stock skidoo primary spring. The secondary I have 48/42 helix with the white spring wound around 13-14 lbs. With this setup it pulls around 8100-8200 rpms which i'm trying to get down, tommorrows project. This things ROCKS!!!. The speedo climbs so fast its amazing. Pulls really hard and doesn't seem to slow any to 90-100MPH(depending on surface i'm running on) Its a climbed as high with this gearing to 110-112 on speedo(not sure how accurate it is) I'm not sure if I can put much more in the tip if I recall, hopefully I can, but if not I'll go with more helix or more weight in the middle hole.
carbs motor pipe and silencer all stock
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where did you get your setup for your weights.thats one i havent seen yet.800 mxz has quite a bit of testing with this im sure he can put you on the right track.i havent tried my new setup yet but will very soon here it is 4.3 shoulder,0 base, 14.5 center, 4.0 tip, 48/42 dalton helix, beige secondary at 19lbs, stock primary 160-230, i am far from stock though hope it works. happy sleddin.
i am running the stock gearing with the 48/42 goodwin helix with there teflon buttons.i originally went for the set-up that they called out for. but at 90 my buddys stock 800 started pulling. so i was told to add tip weight, when doing that i had to remove some from the center?
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To respond back like I said I would, I just checked my H-C weights and found that I have 5 grams in heel, 0 in base, 13.6 in middle, and 7 in the tip. This is with stock primary spring, 24 top tooth gear and stock bottom, 48/42 dalton helix(whick I dont really care for wish I would have bought a Black Ice) and its set at 13-14 lbs with the white spring. Pulls 8250 on top but I just countered for that with putting 8.2 in tip. Haven't tried it yet with the new tip weight.
We might have a in correct pair of speedos here. Mine at 100MPH says 108MPH on buddies 02 800.

Check your alignment here.

8hondo - loosen up that secondary. 21 lbs is too much. You need to be down in B1 or A1 with the beige.
thanks 800mxz, what do you think about the weight configeration should i change i have to change ny gear with thw hc's just to see performance?
anyone else have some good race/trail set-ups
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My friend put the heel clickers in his 01 800 mxz and went backwards.  I seen him loose to 600's with the heel clicker, His sled had the goodwinns kit last year and ran awsome! But he let those guys at heel clicker talk him into a kit at the novi snowshow!! buyer beware of claims made by these after market company's!!!!!!!!!!!!    
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Sounds like a bad setup to me.  There are a couple setups that work very well and there are many that do not.  It takes a lot of time to get a good setup.  Find someone that is experienced with them for tuning information, it can be invaluable.

Tell your buddy "jackpine" that you shouldn't buy things if ya don't know how to tune them...
If it ran awesome before why would ya wanna change it?
Mine runs excellent with the H-C's in it. I will really put it to the test tommorrow @ houghton lake in mich as long as I don't fall thru  

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glh are you trying to tell me u have a good set-up ? if so do u have any good starting points?or are u just here to tell me to keep looking?
The recommended setup from super torquer is pretty good.
Yes, GLH Racing does have a better setup and is available.
He has spent many hours testing and on a dyno, so its
not free - too many $$ invested in getting a good setup
to give away for free.

But if you buy the heelclicker kit from him - its a great
price - imo. If you already own a kit, then just get the
setup from him.

Are you looking for only top end? What is your goal?
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8 hondo,

I am pretty confident in my setup and would be glad to help.  As gunner stated some things are worth time and effort.  I totally believe in giving somebody a good starting point but I feel that giving out my setup that customers have paid for is unfair.  I could give you some refrences to check with ( ronzx, Gunner, MXZ800, ) to name a few.  If they are not satisfied I am not satisfied.   You had a good starting point but as always it is just a starting point.

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