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Heelclicker over reving

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i put the hc in my 2001 800 and my peek rpms were about 8100. so i added another gram to the tip but it didn't seem to help it any. any ideas
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What is your setup?

You can add to the mid (1gr = 150 rpm) or
tip (1gr = 200 rpm) or there abouts...
first things first if you havent done so already i would get your tach calibrated, as a rule of thumb the 800s are about 150 to 200 rpms high but never take anything for granted.
I know that GLHracing on this forum has a lot of experience with the heelclickers, or MXZ800.   Prehaps you could post an instant message to them.
Clutch alignemnt. I discovered the hard way that the Heel Clickers need to have pretty good clutch alignment to shift correctly. I had a hard time slowing mine down until I got the clutch alignment spot on (Remember the phone call Kid Rocker). Once I did, I had a hard time keeping the RPMs up. I ended up with a setup that was very similar to what I "should" be running.
Dave, I sure do remember the phone call.  Which drive belt did you end up getting?   127?
Bought a 127 for the races. It grips good, but they do lose cords easy. I swear I am going to just commit to the Ultimax 2 and just live with it! I might try a 067 next time for better wear. It seems like the 127 belts have the rope half hanging out of them right of the shelf!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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