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Last year my brother and I ran Heelclickers with Billet alumunum covers on our 01 ZR 600's. I had always read bad things about the Heelclickers wearing prematurely, rubbing the spider, broken springs, etc. I never had any problems last year with either setup, so I thought!! Found out this weekend that both sleds had busted primary clutch springs. And they have been broken for a while. One was so bad that it tore up the billet cover to the point where its no longer usable. Now I'm not going to bash Super Torquer, although they will be getting a letter from me about this. I took some pictures of the damage for everyone, just need to get them downloaded.

The weights themselves were fine, but since we were running the billet cover and didn't have replacement springs, I had to go back to stock, (I'm not trusting any Super Torquer spring). So, re-built both clutches using stock components, which sucks, b/c I really liked the Heelclicker setup, but I just can't be worried about breaking springs.

The thing that bothers me the most is that you could not tell that either machine had a problem. They were both seemingly running fine. I know you are going to tell me that I don't know what the F--- I am talking about, but trust me, I have been riding Cats for over 20 years and neither of these sleds were showing any signs of a clutch problem.

So to anyone with heelclickers that are using Super Torquer's billet alumunum cover and springs, check your clutches!!!
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