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Heelclickers vs. thundershift arms

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I have heelclickers and I had a chance to ride
the same sled with Thundershift arms - a kit
from Cudney's.

In my opinion, the sleds acted about the same
in terms of backshift. We never had a chance
to run the two kits against each other, but I
was impressed with the response and feel of the

I love the heelclickers. I don't think you could
go wrong with either setup though. Much better
feel than stock.
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Got a TSA kit from Bill for my FIII 700 and am happy so far
but only been able to put on about 150 miles so far this
year. RPM's where spot on according to tach for engagement
and MAX. Felt great upshift from all throttle positions
except when I couldn't hook up in the suger snow with no
with no base. Back shifted good also. Just wish that I had
more time and more snow!!!  
 Don't we all!!!
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